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At Coláiste Pobail Fóla we would to encourage our students to be active and take responsibility for their learning and appreciation for maths in the world around them. Every student from 1st to 3rd Year has been enrolled in the Mathletics Learning Programme.


Mathletics is an interactive programme which allow students to keep revising core concepts, strengthen their maths ability and provides targeted feedback for the student themselves as well as their teachers.

Students can access their mathletics account through the app which has been installed on their iPads and also through any browser (google, safari etc) once they have their log in info (supplied by their maths teacher)

Parents ! You can get involved too!

We would love if you could check in and encourage your child to keep up their mathletics engagement at home. Linked below is a parent pack explaining how you can log in and check your child's progress.

 We want to be challenge our students to earn 1000 points every week by completing ‘Activities’ in the ‘Explore’ section and competing in Live Mathletics games in the ‘Play’ section. Within the Parent Pack there is an overview of the Mathletics rewards system.

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