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About Us

We are a brand new secondary school aimed at bringing the latest and best educational experience to the communities of Citywest and Saggart and beyond.

Our patron, Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB),  won the campaign to develop our school in line with its vision for modern education:


"Our vision is to bring multidenominational, co-educational,

community-focused, technologically-advanced education

campuses to every new and developing community

in the Dublin and Dún Laoghaire region".

The patronage campaign was for a new Community College for Citywest/Saggart with the intention to serve the communities and families of Citywest, Saggart, Newcastle, Rathcoole and Tallaght.

Rather than calling our new school Citywest and Saggart Community College, we have decided to embed the culture of our county and our country from the very start, beginning with the name of the school: Coláiste Pobail Fóla (Fóla Community College).



  • School Crested Blue Jumper

  • White Shirt

  • Blue, Navy & White Mix Tie

  • Navy Trousers


  • School Crested Blue Jumper

  • White Shirt

  • Blue, Navy & White Mix Tie

  • Blue, Navy & White Mix Kilt, or Navy Trousers

Boys & Girls

  • Navy Jacket.

  • Any make/brand

  • No insignia

  • Optional navy fleece with school crest.

  • Black footwear.

As a Dublin based school, we are proud to use our county colours (navy and blue) as our school colours.

The uniform is available in full from our supplier who accept orders online or from their store in Ballymount.


Our Name

The name of our school is Coláiste Pobail Fóla, which means Fóla Community College.

FólaBanba and Ériu were three Irish mythological goddess sisters who were guardians and patrons of Ireland. They were daughters of Delbáeth and Ernmas of the famous Tuatha Dé Danann and their names were given to describe Ireland.


Fóla is used as a literary name for Ireland and personifies the power of the land. The name is associated with literature, learning and scholarship.

We have chosen Fóla as the name for our school to symbolise guardianship, patronage and pride of Ireland and her culture, which will be engendered in every student in the school. It also invokes the learning and scholarly activity which will take place every day in our school.

Our Name

Our crest

Rather than using a traditional crest or shield for our school logo, we wanted an emblem which symbolised Irish traditional ancestry.

One of the most famous pieces of Irish jewellery and metalwork is the Tara Brooch.

The brooch was worn by men and women and represents the height of Irish Celtic skills.

Our school emblem will look like every student is wearing a Tara Brooch on their jumper.

In addition to the Tara Brooch, we have incorporated the Celtic Awen symbol.

This symbol is described as three rays which can be taken to mean: 

  • male and female energy (outer rays) and the balance between them (central ray)

  • the three domains of earth, sky and sea or,

  • mind, body and spirit.

More importantly, the Awen symbol is considered to represent inspiration for creatives.

We have coloured the outer Awen rays in navy which will contrast with the jumper reflecting the Dublin colours while the central Awen ray is reflective of the pin of the Tara brooch.

Finally, we are nothing without the guardianship of our parents or loved ones.

The guardianship theme of Fóla is represented by one of Ireland's favourite birds, the Robin.

On the crest, she has been placed facing inward so that she is overseeing and protecting the students. This is because Robins are considered to be good parents.

They are also a symbol of activation of creative energy and of inciting growth. They symbolise transformation, renewal, change, power and perseverance. These are all virtues which we hope to engender in our children and our students.

Our Crest

Our Motto

It is said that Robins can teach us how to focus and trust better in yourself. We believe this is something we should all aspire to. Therefore, we have made it our school motto: 

"Bí dílis duit féin" ("Be true to yourself").

We were inspired in this by the Dublin artist and poet Ettie Murphy in her poem

A Home Truth, which begins: "Be true to yourself and all else will follow".


Words to live by.

Our Motto
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