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  • Why iPads in Coláiste Pobail Fóla
    At Coláiste Pobail Fóla we endeavour to best prepare our students for future life by providing a holistic and dynamic educational experience. Technology has become an integral part of working and social life and we aim to provide our students with the best training possible to succeed in their future paths. By integrating technology into teaching and learning, students are fostering a more independent and autonomous experience. Accessibility and learning for all is at the heart of our core values here at CPF and iPad's own accessibility features provide a space where learners feel continually supported and motivated in their learning.
  • Why a 256 GB iPad ?
    The higher storage in iPad helps to ensure the life span of the device. We are future proofing for our students by trying to ensure our device is equipped to handle the duration of the students time here with us in CPF.
  • Why can't I buy an iPad elsewhere ?
    We have a strict no bring your own device. The reason for this is that our supplier wriggle configures the iPad to the school's preferred setttings. This is primarly to safeguard the student and their data. It also allows the student to enter the schools managed organisation, allowing teachers to effectively manage educaitonal use of the iPad within their classroom. It also means the iPad comes pre loaded with suitable educaitonal apps for use in the school environment.
  • Do I have to purchase the iPad insurance?
    No iPad insurance is optional. It is recommended for as it can provide protection for loss, theft, accidental or liquid damage. (See wriggle parents information pack for more information)
  • Do I have to buy the iPad case?
    The case is strongly recommended to ensure the iPad is kept as safe as possible from damage. Students will be bringing their devices in their school bags daily and protection is needed to prevent damage.
  • How does the school manage the iPads in the classroom?
    Students iPad activity is monitored daily via our management app "Classroom". The app allows teachers a live view of the students screen. It also has a suite of features which allows teachers to direct students directly to an app or website of educational value. It also gives the teacher the autonomy to "lock" students in app while they are in use, thus keeping students focused on the task at hand.
  • How does my child access their work?
    All students in Colaiste Pobail Fola have access to the "Schoolwork" App. This is our chosen VLE (virtual learning environment). Student's activities will be posted through the app and progress can be monitored using Schoolwork's inbuilt progress reports.
  • I can't access my child's e book account.
    Unfortunately resetting the e book account password is not within our control. We encourage you to get in contact directly with the book publisher where an issue with e books account arises.
  • Are the student's allowed their iPad at break time and lunch time?
    iPad is for supervised used under the direction of our teachers. We encourage our students to understand the the iPad is an educational tool to enhance their learning and must be respected. Therefore break time and lunch times are iPad free times.
  • Does my child still need copies
    Yes, iPad is not intended to replace copies or handwriting. It serves to allow all learns access material in made forms. It is best used in conjunction with creativity. We encourage our staff to make use of many forms of differentiation to cater to all students. We use a blended approach to learning here at Coláite Pobail Fóla.
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